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Terms of Use


- All Rights Reserved -

No part of's Original Works and Content, provided through this site or otherwise, may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior permission of beyond the Limited Agreements provided.


- Terms of Use: Limited Agreement for Educational Uses and Requests for Access - 


Limited Access Agreement for Personal and Educational use beyond "Fair Use":  In accordance's educational intentions and mission, some Original Works and Content are readily available for personal and private use through internet display or via personal devices.  We also affirm our support of students and educators who wish to utilize our works within the spirit and terms of Fair Use,  and we actively promote them doing so.  Additionally, is currently providing free downloadable access to instructional materials and guides, documents, audio, and video files to our Collaborator(s), Partner(s), and specifically Authorized Users who engage in both self-study and teaching. retains the right to alter or revoke this Limited Access Agreement beyond Fair Use at any time, and for any reason, for any or all users.

 Certificated and/or credentialed educators, instructors, or teachers who would like to register as an Authorized User and utilize the materials and content provided by beyond Fair Use, or in their entirety, as part of their courses and classes as supplemental educational materials for students, or to inform and guide their own curricular development, may request Permission in the form of written consent to do so.  inquiries and Requests for Access may sent to

Considerations and Conditions regarding Requests for Access:

a) content may not be altered, edited, or used for unspecified purposes or be use to make derivative works

b) content will not be used for commercialized use or in unspecified personal/business promotional purposes

c) The spirit and scope of usage will always be with accordance to's stated mission and values: In short, cooperative learning experiences

d) At any time, and for any reason (with or without cause), may retract Permissions for access and for use of any or all Content

e) Specific ranges, quantities, and duration of use(s) of Content and Service may be specified


- Terms and Conditions for Submissions of Content, Contributor(s), and Collaborating Partner(s) - retains All Rights for current and future ownership, use, editing, and publication (both free-to-use and commercial) of their Original Works and Content.  By submitting Content or any other material by any means and for any purpose, you grant a world-wide, perpetual, royalty-free license (with right to sub-license) to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display, and distribute such Content or material in any and all media or distribution methods (existing or subsequently developed).  Additional uses by, or our authorized Partners or Collaborators, may be made with no compensation or royalties paid to you with respect to the Content or material that you submit, post, or otherwise make available to or provide through our Services.


- A Final and More Personal Note - 

At, we strive to be an honest and fair partner in the creation of educational experiences, services, and materials for our students and communities.  We seek to form lasting and cooperative +sum relationships with those interested in doing the same.

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