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Aiki PE

Physical education programs built for community oriented schools.

Primary Caregivers

School Administrators

- Rich engagement with beyond-the-class contextualized learning
- At home SUPPORT resources, and guides:
   Healthy relationship building and appropriate boundary setting, self-awareness and regulation, trauma-proofing and healing models
- Child well-being and safe-guarding focused
- Guided by IB STANDARDS  & Assessment

- Inter-disciplinary minded curriculum
- Award winning implementation

Instructors & Teachers

- Research supported and experience refined activities
- Seminar, Unit, Semester, and/or Multi-Year programming
- Safe, challenging, and collaborative kinaesthetic learning
- Experienced FACILITATION of peer-to-peer mentoring 
- Highly trained, credentialed and certified staff

@ Home and Off-the-Mat Support

  • Guided breathing exercises

  • Stress reduction and refocus strategies

  • Printed and online study guides

  • Instructional videos

  • YouTube
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Study Guides
  • Team/Peer-building exercises

  • Healthy boundary-setting support

Curriculum & Standards

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