Meet the Team


Jenny Cadwallader


Creative Director at
Project Management Professional (PMP)
with Chemical Engineering background


Josh Robinson


Founder and Chief Curator at Yoshinkan Aikido  Intl. Instr. (3rd Dan)
English Lang. and Lit. Teacher (M.A. Edu)




Kyoto Knot Co-Founder & Tour Advisor
Accommodation Mgmt/Marketing
Translator & Interpreter (Engl-Jpn) is an actively growing body of international artists and educators.

Exploration of our diversity in cultural, social, and professional experiences is our strength in practice and outreach. Dedication to investigating and sharing the Power of Cooperation brings us together.

If the vision and mission at speaks to you, your passions, or your work, we'd love to hear from you and let's see what we can get started!  We are currently seeking dedicated team members and part-time consultants in the following fields.


Our priority in team building is a shared vision and mission for facilitating collaborative and socially responsible educational experiences.  In this spirit, we welcome seasoned professionals and passionate newcomers alike.

Executive Committee and Board of Directors:

- Looking for Experienced NPO and Educational Administrators

Curricular Review Board (Immediate Needs and Work Available):

- Experienced and/or Certified Children's Martial Arts, Gymnastics, and Yoga Instructors

- Certificated Physical Education Teachers (K-12) & (Secondary)

- School Administrators (Especially those experienced in facilitating non-traditional elective PE programs)

- Childhood Developmental Psychologist

- Cooperative Game Theorists and Creators

- Trauma Therapy Specialists and/or Felt-Sense Seminar Coordinators


Business Operations and Support (Director and Manager Levels):

- General Business Manager

- Grant Writers and Fundraising Managers

- Digital Media Specialists

- Language Translators and Cultural Consultants: (K-12 English and Japanese)

- Legal Counsel and Support for Registration as an NPO

- Experienced Risk Manager in the field of Education

- Trademark-Copyright Legal Assistance

- Tax and Financial Services 

Additional/Extension Services (Under Consideration):

- Director of Additional Language Adoption

- Director of Community Service and Outreach

- Social Service and Law Enforcement Advocates, Mentors, and Liaisons

- Regional and National Directors of International Affairs

- Digital and Print Illustrators and Animators

- Audio/Visual Media Specialists

- Children's Book authors and/or editors

- Experienced ELA professionals (K-12)

- Front End and Back End Web Developers for mobile application programming and design

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Yishu Wang


Illustrator/Visual Designer at

Hiko Mizuno College Graduate

Specialized in High Fashion Jewelry Design